We provide consulting services for the remodeling and construction of sustainable single-family homes.

Why Choose Greenhem?

Our company has accumulated extensive experience in the field of sustainable building solutions over the past 25 years. We have developed optimal solutions in Europe, a market generally considered to be highly evolved in our field of service.

Moreover, the German/European building standards prioritize minimal CO2 footprints. Greenhem Inc. aims to establish a significant foothold in the US market by applying these standards.

Greenhem Inc. employs a holistic approach to consulting, addressing supply chain issues, management, and the construction process. Our clients consistently receive a comprehensive, high-quality service package.

Greenhem Inc.

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- Holistic

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Greenhem Inc.provides full-scale consultation services in the planning and construction phases of single-family homes.


We assist clients in making the right choice of sustainable materials and creating sustainable planning strategies.


Greenhem Inc. helps clients with the marketing and sales of sustainable buildings in different sectors. 

Building Industry Consulting


The green building market is anticipated to be among the fastest growing industries worldwide.

A green building is one that is both environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout its lifecycle – from design and construction, to maintenance, renovation, and eventual demolition.

The green building market in the U.S. was valued at $83.1 billion in 2021, marking a growth of 10.8% over its value in 2020. Historically, the market has seen a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% during the period from 2017 to 2021.

Increase Your Profit

Up to 30% More on Your Bottom Line!

Greenhem has over 25 years experience and has thus acquired stable professional partnerships over the years. The result is an extremely competitive pricing struture, which will result in significant cost reductions compared to traditional US buiding standards.
Furthermore, we employ a well-structured and streamlined process. Consequently, this will consistently reduce building time as well as cut down on work allotment and materials used. 
These savings will substantially increase our clients’ returns.

Building Industry Consulting

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