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CEO: Mr. Joe Vintnell

Mr. Vintnell’s professional background and industry-related experience will prove essential in leading the Company to sustainable growth over the coming years.

Professional Experience

  • Since 1994, Mr. Vintnell has been working as a self-employed consultant, real estate agent, and broker. He provides consulting for green technologies used in the environmentally friendly construction of residences. He also supervises construction, sale, and purchase of properties as well as the brokerage of home loans.

One of the main goals of Greenhem Inc. is to limit carbon footprints in residential building.

We will put together an action plan for our clients by examining their environment and analyzing their environmental strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a residential home may be using a lot more energy than necessary for heating or cooling due of a lack of weather-stripping, insulation, or improperly installed HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.

This is where the Greenhem team comes in to help our customers protect the environment and reduce costs.

Green building calls for all kinds of green products that could become the foundation of your residential home or for you as building contractor, from water-saving toilets through breathable bricks and solar water heating systems to ventilation with heat exchange.”

Joe Vintnell CEO

Emerge as a Trailblazer

We will help you excel in a highly proftable market with low competition!

Greenhem Inc. provides consulting services for the remodeling and construction of single-family homes, a sector that remains underrepresented in the sustainable construction market in the USA. These consulting services are growing in relevance for both the commercial and private real estate markets, where clients increasingly demand sustainable solutions. We take a holistic approach to our services, assisting clients from the planning process to supply chain management, from writing consulting reports to conducting evaluations and assessments. We also offer coaching packages tailored for businesses.

Greenhem Inc. provides knowledge and experience in the field accumulated over a span of more than 25 years in Europe – a market generally considered to be highly evolved within this specific area of expertise. We develop optimal solutions for clients and to market Greenhem Inc.’s cutting-edge services to our clients advantage. Mr. Joe Vintnell is a well-known and highly regarded expert in the field. 

Consulting with a competitive edge

We employ a holistic approach to consulting, addressing supply chain issues, management, and the construction process. Consequently, our clients receive a comprehensive full-service package. Greenhem Inc.’s competitive advantages are particularly relevant in the market of sustainable single-family homes. Furthermore, a well-structured marketing strategy and the establishment of strong partnerships will help our professional clients to successfully differentiate themselves in the market.

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